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A Short Story Written By Hernando Tellez, Just Lather, Thats All Tells

This is the first 1,000 characters of 709 words (2.84 pages) in the term paper titled A Short Story Written By Hernando Tellez, Just Lather, Thats All Tells

A short story written by Hernando Tellez, "Just Lather,  that's  all"  tells
about a barber who is a revolutionary and the problem he  has  when  Captain
Torres, a military general walk into his barbershop. Barbers  are  known  to
hear a great deal of gossip and stories from patrons who feel they  need  to
vent or utter rumors of some sort.  He decides to utilize his  position  and
be an informant. He attempts to remain anonymous, while the conflict  begins
when Captain Torres enters the barbershop for a shave. This  story  includes
many conflicts between different sides and imagery and symbols are  used  to
communicate unspoken works and  feelings  between  the  barber  and  Captain

Throughout most of the story, the barber battles an inner  conflict  in  his
mind where he has to face making an important decision of whether or not  to
kill the Captain. "I'm a revolutionary not a murderer." If he kills him  the
general would become the martyr and the barber would lose his cov...

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